TSC @ Havergal College

TSC Recreational Junior Program at Havergal College

At TSC we offer “Rec Done Right”, a program geared towards low ratio, high performance based quality coaching aimed to introduce your player to, or help continue your athlete’s long term journey in tennis! We are reinventing the recreational tennis stream with great value and great player progress for everyone!

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Although it is a fun based program, it is a program that is also geared towards improving a player’s tactical, technical, physical and physiological tennis skills.

  • 6:1 player to coach ratio (Red Dot)
  • 4 players per court (Green, Orange, Full Court)
  • A good balance of fun and competitive play
  • $25.00 per player, per hour

Please note: We want your player to have a great experience, at the same time we pride ourselves on quality standards to help ensure they excel on court!


TSC ‘s certified and active coaches teach using a systematic and progressive method.

TSC’s “learner-centered” approach to coaching leads to players who are adaptive and who can self asses, leading to faster skill retention and more independent athletes.

TSC’s coaching staff teach using the simple “five fundamentals” and “PAS” method, which means LPTC’s juniors receive a consistent language and method throughout their enrollment in our programs.

2022 Spring Session

Monday Program: May 9th – June 26th – 6 week session. $150.00 (No program on Victoria Day)

Tuesday Program: May 10th – June 21st – 7 week session. $175.00

Wednesday Program: May 11th – June 22nd – 7 week session. $175.00

Thursday Program: May 12th – June 23rd – 7 week session. $175.00

Friday Program: May 13th – June 24th – 6 week session. $150.00 (No program on June 17th)

Saturday Program: May 14th – June 25th – 6 week session. $150.00 (No program on May 26th)

Sunday Program: May 15th – June 26th – 7 week session. $175.00

​Program Notes:

No programs running on Monday, May 23rd due to Victoria Day.

No programs running on Friday, June 17th due to site conflict.

No program running on Sunday, May 26th due to site conflict.

TSC reserves the right to cancel programs due to low sign up.

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