Updated Booking Rules

For now, book as many times in a week as your heart desires!

“We have court time and we want you to use it!”

Please note, we may add booking restrictions if the demands on the courts become challenging. 

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PLEASE NOTE: For the time being we will not be allowing guests or non-member bookings at the club due to the pandemic

This includes no spectators or parents allowed in the bubble

Booking a Court

  • Members can book online 7 days in advance (as of 12:00am, seven days in advance)
  • Members can book as many courts per week as they like
  • Members cannot hold two court bookings at the same time of day
  • During prime times, members can only book courts on the hour (6:00pm, 7:00pm etc.)
  • During non-prime times, members can book courts on the hour or half hour (3:00pm, 3:30pm etc.)

Paying for a Court

  • All court fees must be paid online via credit card
  • The member booking the court must pay via credit card within 15 minutes of the booking in order to secure the court
  • Any booked court not paid for within 15 minutes will be deleted by the system (unbooked)
  • Upon paying for your court online, a reservation receipt will be sent to all the members booked under that court. This is your booking confirmation. (please mark us as a safe sending to avoid these going to your junk folder)
  • Please note, there are no court feesfor Year-Round and Summer Members between May 1st and September 30th

Door Code

  • Member’s must have the clubs “door code” in order to enter the facility
  • The clubs “door code” can be found at the bottom of each reservation receipt automatically sent by the club upon successful completing of a court booking or reservation

Booking with a Guest (Guest Booking Currently Suspended!)

  • Members must pay the court fee and guest fee ($7.50 per guest) within 15 minutes of booking in order to secure the court
  • Guests can play a maximum of 7 times a year in the winter and 5 times a year in the summer.

Coach, Lesson or Program Booking

  • During non-prime times (Mon – Fri before 4:00pm) an unlimited amount of courts can be used for teaching
  • During prime times (Mon – Fri after 4:00pm, including all weekend times) two courts per time slot can used for teaching
  • During prime times a third or fourth court can be used for teaching if courts are available 24 hours in advance
  • Please note, between May 1st and September 30th an unlimited amount of courts can be used for teaching

Cancelling a Court Booking

  • The Supreme Court can credit court bookings cancelled more than 24 hours in advance

Please note: These credits can take several business days for us to approve and process. In the future, the Court Reserve system will manually credit any cancelled booking made outside the cancellation window, for now these are processed manually. s

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