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Ben Armstrong is a renowned tennis coach with an illustrious career that spans decades. His passion for the sport, dedication to player development, and commitment to excellence have had a significant impact on tennis in Canada.

Ben is a certified Tennis Canada Coach 3 as well as a Club Professional 2. He represented Georgia Southern University between 1988 and 1991. During that time, he earned “All-Conference” honors and was granted “All-American” honors by the NCAA in doubles. Later, between 1991 and 1993, he completed a Masters of Health Science while coaching the Georgia Southern Women’s Team.

Ben is among a select few who have produced record numbers of Provincial and National Champions. Some of his most notable accomplishments include coaching Sharon Fichman, a Junior Orange Bowl Champion who reached a career-high junior ITF ranking of #5 in the world. Sharon also won two Junior Grand Slam Titles in doubles at the Australian and French Opens. She achieved career-high WTA rankings of #77 in singles and #21 in doubles. Before Sharon, Ben was the close friend and touring coach of Andrew Sznajder, who reached a career-high ATP ranking of #46 in the world and was later inducted into the Tennis Canada Hall of Fame.

Ben has previously held the roles of Tennis Director for Toronto Tennis City and High-Performance Director for Mayfair West. In addition to his work in High-Performance coaching, Ben is the current Head Professional at Swansea Tennis Club. He previously held the position of Head Professional at Lawrence Park Tennis Club and Howard Park Tennis Club and is the current owner of “Game Set Match,” a tennis boutique in Toronto’s West End.

“Ben, being the most modest guy on the planet, would be furious with us if he knew we actually listed his accomplishments in his bio. Had Ben written this himself, it would have been as descriptive as “Ben likes to coach tennis!””

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