Singles Ladder Rules

Please note, this section will be updated specifically for Sierra Vista, shortly.

General Rules

Players are arranged into box pairings each month.

Players must play a minimum of two matches each month in order to remain on the ladder.

Matches and Scoring

Players spin a racquet to determine who has choice of serving, receiving, etc. (standard spin rules).

A standard 10-minute warm up is in effect for all matches, unless both players agree otherwise.

Each ladder match is played using pro set scoring, first player to win to 8 games.

All matches are played with advantages.

If necessary, a tie breaker will be played at 7 games all (7-7).

Tie breaker scoring will be first to 7 points, must win by 2 points (standard tie breaker scoring).

If the match is not completed within the length of your booking, whoever was leading the match gets credited for the win. Unless the court remains open after your booking and both players agree to finish the match.

In the event of a tied score in games and points at the end of a booking, one point must be played to determine the winner of the match as our system cannot log ties. Players will spin a racquet to determine who gets to serve or receive for the match deciding point. The final point is worth one full game to be logged in the system in order to break any ties.

The online system determines points for the winner and points for matches played.

Recording Scores

You can record your scores online through SkyCourt

All match scores must be recorded by the end of each month or they are null and void.


Players must provide their own balls for ladder matches.

Be courteous, let’s use the honor system to ensure players are taking their turn supplying the ball.

Booking the Court

One player must book the court; the other player must pay that player before start of the match for their half of the court cost.

During a prime time booking, this works out to $10.00 per person for the court.

Both player’s names must be listed on the court booking.

***We understand this is not ideal however it is too challenging for us to track people down for court fees at the moment.

Moving Ladder Boxes

At the end of each month, the 2 players with the most total points will be moved up to a higher box, the 1-2 players with the fewest amount of points will be moved to the lower box, and the 1-2 players with the average amount of points will remain in the same box.

In the event that two or more players are tied for points at the end of a month, the player who won their head to head match will move up. In the event that they did not play each other in that month, the player who lost fewer games will be moved up. In the event that the players are still tied, a coin flip will determine who moves up.

In the event of many players joining or leaving the ladder, we will do out best to maintain some sort of a fair and orderly system.

Winning the Ladder

The man and women who finishing in the top spot of the top box (or highest spot) by March 31st, is ladder champion. (Meaning the player who has the best record, in the top or highest box in the month or March, is the ladder champion).

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